Can you drive in New Zealand?

  • You can drive in NZ if you hold a driver licence, or driving permit from another country, and your overseas licence, or driver permit, is current and valid
  • and
  • you've not received a disqualification or suspension in NZ
  • and
  • you entered NZ less than 12 months ago
  • and
  • your overseas licence is English [if it's not in English, you must have an accurate English translation]
  • and
  • you've not been granted a NZ driver licence
  • and
  • you have not renewed, re-qualified or reinstated a NZ driver licence since you last entered NZ.

Tips for driving in New Zealand

:    New Zealand road rules and driving behaviour may be different to those in your home country.

      For example:  we ALWAYS DRIVE on the LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD. 

 :    we have many hilly, narrow and winding roads which could result in your journey taking longer than you


 :    you must carry your driver licence on you at all times.  If your licence is not in English, you must carry an  

      English translation from an approved translator.

For further information, please visit nzta.govt.nz http://nzta.govt.nz.