Kiwi Slang


A barbecue(BBQ).

"Let's have a barbie for dinner."


Used it in place of'man', 'mate' or 'dude'.

"Hey bro, how's it going?

Chocka block
Full or overflowing.
"My bag is chocka block."

A corner store, often open 7 days a week.
"I'm just going to the dairy to get some milk."

Hard Case
An amusing, funny person.
"Simon's a hard case, always makes me laugh."

Thongs, flip-flops.
"I'm wearing my jandals at the beach."

Mate's rates
A special price offered for friends.
"My mechanic gave me mate's rates."

Sweet as
'Cool' or 'awesome'. It can also mean 'OK'.
"This hotel is sweet as."

Tiki tour
Driving the long way there - the scenic route.
"She's taking us on a Tiki Tour of West Auckland."

Yeah nah
Classic indecisive Kiwi phrase.
"Yeah, nah bro. The beach could be fun. Or not."